• GC- Gas Chromatograph
  • GC/MS- Mass Spectrometer


GC -Gas Chromatograph                                                                                                                                          REF-3000GC

REFINEMENT'S Gas Chromatograph can be used in many fields. It has played a very important role in quality control of chemical engineering, medicine making, and food industry. And it is also applicable to hygiene and epidemic prevention, environment protection, quality supervision, petroleum, petrochemical, legal medicine, agriculture and commodity inspection.


  • Column Heater with High Performance and Large Capacity
  • Double stable gas circuit with high precision
  • Detector with high sensitivity and stability
  • Advanced microcomputer system with excellent control function
  • Sample injector with mono packed column/double packed columns
  • 2 kinds of sample injector systems with capillary columns suitable for various specifications of capillary columns
  • Powerful data processing system for your free choices

Technical Specifications

Temperature Control

Range of Temperature Control:with a room temperature above 70 C to 4000 C (the increment is 1 0c)
Objects of Temperature Control:column heater, detector, thermal conductivity cell, sample injector and accessories
Ascending Stages:five stages
Ascending Speed:0.10 C~400 C/min (the increment is 0.1 0 C)
Constant-Temperature Period:0~655minS (the increment is 1min)
Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Sensitivity:M≤1×10-11g/s (C16)
Optimal Test Result:M≤ 8* 10-12g/s (C16)
Linear Range:≥106
Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
Sensitivity:≥2500mV•mL/mg (C16)
Maximal Sensitivity:10000mV•mL/mg (electronic magnification)
Linear Range:≥104
Electron Capture Detector (ECD)
Limit of Detection:≤2×10-13gram per second(r-666)
Linear Range:≥103
Utmost Operating Temperature:3500 C

GC-MS                                                                                                                                                                                REF-M7

This is the new generation high performance Mass Spectrometer designed by REFINEMENT, who solely holds intellectual property rights. The REF-M7 is an accurate, reliable and precise system which is suitable to mass routine analysis and precise research application as well.
The REF- M7 MS could be widely used in food safety, environmental protection, material chemical industry, life science, medicine research, criminal investigation and many other fields, benefiting from its high performance, long service life and good after-sales service.


  • The high performance GC and various optional accessories satisfy different analysis requirement. User-friendly design makes the maintenance much easier.
  • The new generation molecular pump made by PFEIFFEER satisfies the high vacuum requirement.
  • The powerful GCMS workstation is intuitive, simple and easy to operate. The unique remote control function enables powerful technical support.
  • Excellent specification provides reliable analysis result. Excellent specification provides reliable analysis result.
  • The REF-M7 MS with REF-3000 GC brings more reliable, stable and efficient analysis result.
  • The fifth generation EPC and digital electrocircuit set new benchmark for the precision of RTL, which ensures reliability of REF-M7 to reach an unprecedented level. The highly flexible EPC design makes the analysis of complicated hydrocarbon possible.
  • High speed cooling down and heating of column oven, advanced automatic features will shorten analysis time and reduce your operation cost.
  • Convenient maintenance of injector, new turn top design reduces time required to replace the liner and no tools are needed.
  • Various optional components and accessories could meet all kinds of requirements


 HPLC- High Performance Liquid Chromatography                                                                                                     LC200


REFINEMENT'S High Performance Liquid Chromatography adopts the technology of digital communication, which enables it to fully control all the operations of every unit of the HPLC system and accomplish the Isocratic analysis, high-pressure  Gradient analysis, wavelength scanning and spectrum scanning, etc. Equipped with semi-preparation pump, Quaternary gradient system, differential detector, UV Vis Detector , PDA( DAD)-Diode array detector, Fluorescence Detector, RI Detector, Automatic sample injector, Online/In-Line Degasser, Column Oven, Chromatography Software  and so on. Pump: Flux range 0.001ml/min 10.000ml/min in 0.001mL Increments, Max. discharge pressure  LC200 has 42Mpa (5800 psi) / LC 5100 has 50Mpa(7252psi), UV Detector: Wavelength range 190 700nm, Liquid chromatography column (the United States):C18 ö4.6×250mm 5u, Chromatography


  • Accurate flow rate
  • Excellent reliability and stability
  • Full control via powerful LC Win software
  • Modular design enables flexible configurations
  • Automatic data save in the event of accidental power shortage                                                                                       5100 Series                       


  • Medical and pharmaceuticals
  • Health and epidemic prevention
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, animal husbandry
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Quality control
  • Education and scientific research
  • Water reservation system


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