Electro-Analytical Instruments

pH/mV/Temp  Meter                                                                                                                     Model: REF-350

Microprocessor based pH meter is best choice for any laboratory operator/user for advanced pH/mV/ORP/Temp measurement. Calibration is fast, easy and accurate with auto-calibration using built-in Auto buffer –recognition and automatically calculated and displayed electrode slope value. With dual selective temperature compensation of ATC & MTC

  • Routine fast pH/mV/ORP/Temp measurement
  • High accuracy & High resolution
  • Flexible calibrations
  • Automatic temp Compensation (ATC) & Manual temp Compensation (MTC)
  • Simultaneous display pH/Temp or mV/Temp
  • Large LCD display

Technical Indicators

  •  Measuring range: pH: 0.00 ~ 14.00pH
    mV:-1999mV ~ +1999 mV
    Temp: 0 ~ 100  °C
  • Accuracy: pH: 0.01pH ± 1 pH
    mV: ± 0.1% F · S ± 1mV  ; Temp: 0.5 °C  + 1digit
  • Calibration Points: 3 points (pH4.01, pH7.01,pH 10.01)
  • Resolution: 0.01pH; 1mV; Temp: 0.1°C
  • Input impedance: ≥ 1 × 1012Ω
  •  Dimensions: 220mm x 220mm x 70mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Relative Humidity: <85%
  • Power supply: AC220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 1Hz

pH /mV/ORP/Temp Meter                                                                                                                            Model: REF-400

REF-400 Digital pH Meter is a great tool for any laboratory operator and field user, which is one of the most accurate digital pH/mV/Temp meters available in the market. It has the function of ATC (automatic temperature compensation) and MTC (manual temperature compensation), and is suitable to measure the pH or temperature value of solutions and the potential (mV) of electrodes. Furthermore, if it is equipped with an appropriate ion selective electrode, it also can be used to measure the ion concentration or as a terminus display device for potential titration analysis.

Its high accuracy and resolution make it suitable even for all the most-demanding solution pH/mV measurement, such as chemical solutions, milk, beverages, juices, water or any other water based liquid.


  • Measuring range: pH: 0.00pH to 14.00pH; mV: -1999mV to +1999mV; Temp: 0 to 99.9 oC
  • Accuracy: pH: 0.01pH (+ 1digit or -1digit) mV: 0.1% F∙S + 1digit (or -0.1% F∙S -1digit) Temp: 0.3 oC + 1digit (or -0.3 oC - 1digit)
  • Resolution: pH: 0.01pH mV: 1mV Temp: 0.1 oC
  • Temperature compensation: 0 oC to 99.9 oC
  • Stability: ≤0.01pH (+1 digit /3h or -1 digit /3h)
  • Input resistance: ≥1×1012Ω
  • Power source: DAC +5V/1.2A
  • Dimension: 220mm*220mm*70mm
  • Power consumption: 6W


  • Microprocessor technique, large LCD display
  • One point or two point calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation or manual temperature compensation
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Reliable and stable
  • RS232 communication port

Conductivity / TDS Meter                                                                                                                 Model: REF-200

 Conductivity Meter is used to measure Electrical Conductivity,Total dissolved solids (TDS), Salinity, resistivity and temperature of any solution. It is best suited for monitoring water quality, biological agriculture, aqua culture, food safety, scientific and educational research, petrochemical and environmental protection.


  • Conductivity, Resistivity, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Salinity & temperature measurement
  • Automatic or Manual Temperature Compensation
  • 1 point calibration for the entire range
  • Single and continuous print out of readings
  • Bi directional RS 232 interface. Baud rate selectable from 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600
  • Multiple Printout types
  • Real Time Clock. Calibration report as per GLP requirements
  • Data logging facility up to 500 results
  • Data logging interval selectable from 5 S, 10 S, 20 S, 30 S, 1 M, 2 M and 5 M.
  • Temperature calibration with respect to solution of known temperature

DO Meter (Dissolved Oxygen Meter)                                                                                                  Model: REF-240

Dissolved oxygen (DO) is dissolved in water or liquid molecular oxygen, dissolved oxygen concentration measurement, meter measures dissolved oxygen in mg/L, ppm, or % saturation with simultaneous temperature display in °F or °C. A stable and accurate dissolved oxygen measurement reading is critical. Water DO levels are the pros and cons of an important water quality indicators. The dissolved oxygen meter from the host and sensing probe. Measured using a three-electrode system, according to the oxygen reduction current of the electrode to directly measure the oxygen content in the sample.

Technical Parameters

  • Measuring range : 0.00 ~ 20.00mg / L, 0 to 200% air saturation
  • Response time: ≤ 30s
  • Accuracy : ± 0.30mg / L
  • Stability : ± 0.20mg/L/h
  • Automatic temperature compensation range : 0 ~ 400C
  • Manual or automatic air pressure compensation
  • Salinity compensation range : 0 ~ 70ppt
  • Can store 200 groups of data
  • Print the interval setting : 1min ~ 100h.


  • Sensing probe using nanotechnology
  • Sensing probe comes with stirring
  • High sensitivity
  • Temperature stability
  • Fast response time
  • For remote communication
  • Character LCD

REF-240 DO meter Widely used in environmental monitoring, aquaculture, water plants, water analysis, sewage treatment, Educational and research institutes and other departments....

          LDO- Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter                                                                                                                                   REF-602          

 REFINEMENT recently released a new handheld optical dissolved oxygen meter. With high performance and quality in mind, the dissolved oxygen sensor is designed based on proved optical fluorescence lifetime quenching technology.

The sensor is seamlessly integrated with a REFINEMENT'S unique Smart Meter. The measured oxygen is temperature and pressure compensated automatically by built-in sensors. The meter can also be connected to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets over Bluetooth communications. Through user friendly Smart Meter APP interface software, many applications have been developed. Customers can have unique user experience which can’t be realized in traditional handheld meters.

Advantages of optical dissolved oxygen measurement:

• Easy use, no membrane, no electrolyte.
• Long lifetime, maintenance free and less calibration.
• No flow dependency and fast response.

• Immune to electrical interference, no chemical interference.


  • Measuring Range:0-20mg/L or 0-200% air Sat.
  • Accuracy :±1%
  • Response Time:10 sec
  • Drift:<1% per year
  • Temp. Accuracy:±0.2 C
  • Temp and Barometer Compensation:Build-in & Automatic


  • Water quality monitoring of dissolved oxygen in streams, rivers, reservoirs, and lakes.
  • Waste water industry.
  • Fish farm and aquaculture water quality monitoring.
  • Food and wine industry.
  • Scientific laboratory research.


Smart Meter:

We has developed a unique Smart Meter. Combining optical sensing and mobile internet technologies, REFINEMENT brings innovative and cost competitive solutions to global water quality monitoring market.

Smart Meter App:

The application supports Android based devices such smart phones and tablets. This app fundamentally changed how data are acquired, processed and communicated, bringing best user experience to water quality monitoring market.

COD Meter                                                                                                                                                Model: REF-600

 COD (chemical oxygen demand) Analyzer is designed by the optical analysis principle to give a precise COD measurement. In this method, the catalytic and sealing digestion technique, the cold light source, the narrow-band interference technique and the microcomputer is used. And by these, a COD value can be measured rapidly and exactly, and displayed in the LCD display directly; especially, in the measurement process, the digestion step can complete only within 10 minutes.

This instrument is widely used by environment monitoring departments, sewage disposal works, mineral enterprises, and laboratories of science and research academy, etc.


  • Temperature controlling system: 150 0 to 180 0
  • Catalytic and sealing digestion technique
  • Digestion time: 10 min
  • Cl- ion interference range: Cl- <1200 mg/L
  • Detection limit: 5 mg/L
  • Measuring range: 5 mg/L to 2000 mg/L
  • Error: 5 mg/L to 100 mg/L, absolute error: -5 mg/L to 5 mg/L
    100 mg/L to 2000 mg/L, relative error: -5% to 5%
  • Repeatability: accord with standard deviation: -3% to 3%
  • Optical stability: A ≤ 0.002/20 min
  • Sample amount: 20 pcs water sample
  • Dimension: 420mm*350mm*175mm
  • Power: ≤ 500 W


  • Temperature and time can be set by yourself
  • Automatically controlling temperature and time
  • Cold light source
  • Narrow-band interference technique
  • Automatic data processing
  • Automatic zero adjustment
  • Automatic protection when power off
  • Five regression curves can be dispatched any time
  • Print various parameters

Auto Titrator (Potentiometric AutoTitrator)                                                                                              Model: REF-600A


  • Large and bright screen
  • Easy to change valve and burette for integration, avoid solution mutual Interference
  • Nice appearance for stirrer built-in the Titrator
  • Titration transmission device adopts linear motor design with its anti leakage device
  • It has modular design and is composed of volumetric (coulomb) titration unit,
  • Controlling unit, measuring unit which can realize potential titration, conductivity titration and constant titration.
  • Potential Titrator is composed of volumetric titration module, controlling module and potential measuring module.
  • It has pre-titration, preselected endpoint titration, blank titration and manual titration modes
  • The user can also create specific titration modes to meet different experiment requirements.
  • Sensors/Electrodes can be chose to conduct acid base titration, redox titration, precipitation
  • Titration, complexometry titration, non-aqueous titration and pH value measurement.
  • The Titrator adopts the specific material which is against perchloric acid corrosion and can conduct several titration reactions


  • Measurement range: pH: (0.00~14.00)pH mV: (-1800.0~1800.0)mV Temp: (-5.0~105.0)℃
  • Resolution: pH: 0.01pH mV: 0.1mV Temp:0.1℃
  • Accuracy: pH: ±0.01pH±1bit mV: ±0.03%(full scale) Temp:±0.3℃
  • Accuracy of burette volume: 10ml burette:±0.025ml 20ml burette:±0.035ml
  • Infusion solutions or feeding speed of burette :55±10s (where burette is full scale)
  • Repeatability of titration analyzer :0.2%
  • Repeatability accuracy: ≤0.2mV
  • Stability±0.3 mV±1bit/3h
  • Control titration sensitive:±2mV。
  • Normal working conditions:
    a) Ambient temperature: (5 – 40)℃
    b) Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
    c) Power supply: AC(220V±22)V, (50±1)Hz;
    d) No strong electromagnetic interference except the geomagnetic field.

Standard Configuration (REF- 160A)

NoProduct Name and specificationQuantity
1REF-160Apotential measuring model1
2REF-160Acontrolling model1
3pH combination electrode1
4Platinum electrode1
5Silver electrode1
6reference electrode1
7Glass electrode1
8Temperature sensor1
9pH buffer solution(pH4、7、9)5 for each kind
10power line(European type)1
11Data Collecting Software1
12Printer liner1

KF Titrator                                                                                                                                                   Model: REF-100C

REF-100C Moisture Analyzer is designed based on the principle of classical moisture measurement of Carl Fischer titration. In the titration cell, iodine is electrolytically generated in situ, the current consumed during electrolysis is directly proportional to the amount of water present (i.e. 10.71 coulomb of generating current corresponds to 1 mg of water), in accordance with Faraday’s law, the content of water is calculated.

REF-100C Moisture Analyzer rapidly and accurately determine the water content of liquid hydrocarbons, such as crude oils, refined products, transformer oils, jet fuels, chemicals, and most other liquids, and is widely used in production and scientific research departments of petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, electric power and environmental protection departments.


  • Measuring range: 10μg to 30mg
  • Error of repeatability: ≤5%
  • Blank compensation: automatic
  • Print: μp-16
  • Capacity of titration cell: 150mL
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Resolution: 0.1μg
  • Speed of titration: the highest speed is 0.5mg H2O/min
  • Display: 20*2 LCD
  • Dimension: 350mm*300mm*210mm
  • Power: 40W


  • LED display, kindly interface
  • Track current, quick titration
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lattice print, permanently record
  • Microcomputer controlling
  • High-performance

Electrodes/Probes (pH,ORP, ISE, EC,TDS)

Our company is involved in manufacturing and supplying of Electrodes. There are different types of pH/ORP, EC/TDS electrodes for diverse applications. For example, a glass electrodes used for Physical and Chemical Analysis, control of Plant Processes etc.

All types of pH electrodes having BNC Connectors and all types of reference is Ag/AgCl.

All metal (ORP, EC) Electrodes having connector lugs ( can be changed according to customer’s request), have to characteristics of high current density, good durability and electrical conductivity , ideal polarization electrode in a certain potential range and not precipitation in reaction themselves.

All ISE electrodes are available with BNC and connector lugs ( can be changed according to customer’s request). No interference and highly accurate, good durability ISE electrodes.

 pH Electrode Basic Principle:

In PH measurement, the used electrode is also known as the primary battery. The primary battery is a system, whose role is to transfer chemical energy into electrical energy. The voltage of the battery is called the electromotive force (EMF). This electromotive force (EMF) is composed of two half-batteries. One half-battery is called the measuring electrode, and its potential is related to the specific ion activity; the other half-battery is the reference battery, often called the reference electrode, which is generally interlinked with the measurement solution, and connected to the measuring instrument.

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