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PH Controller                                                                                                                                                         Model: REF-999

      pH/ORP Controller is microprocessor, strong anti-interference & simple maintenance, easy for Operation with Temp compensation and can be connected with various types of pH/ORP electrodes. . It’s strong anti-interference and simple maintenance. REF-999 can connect with various types of electrodes and then can be widely used in water treatment, chemical industrial process, paper industry and food industry. The built-in dot matrix LCD can display pH values, mV value, temperature, alarm settings and time. Configuration menu is simple and flexible, easy for operation.

Technical Parameter:

REF-999 pH Controller parameters:

Measurement range:0.00 ~ 14.00pH, -1999mV~+1999mV,-30℃~130℃.
Display information pH / ORP (mV), pH mV, temperature, proportion of 4~20mA output.
Temperature compensation:Automatic.
Transmission signal :4 to 20mA isolated output.
Data storage :30 days
pH ORP Accuracy:0.03pH, 2mV
Temperature accuracy:0.10c
Dimension :96×96×120mm
Power supply:100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60Hz


EC/TDS Controller                                                                                                                                                Model: REF-888

      Conductivity controller is microprocessor instrument with LCD display, strong anti-interference & simple maintenance, easy for operation with Temp compensation and can be connected with various types of electrodes. Smart electrode utilizes digital communication, distance beyond 1000m.
REF-888 can be connected with digital smart electrode which made by REFINEMENT, to achieve full digital detection and communication. Digital smart electrode build-in patented chip, can be pre-calibrated to plug and play on industrial site. Because of digital communications between REF-888 controller and the smart electrode, the anti-jamming ability of REF-888 controller is much better than the conventional conductivity analyzer. It’s especially suitable for serious industrial scene with strong interference.

Technical Parameter:

Power supply100 ~ 240 VAC 50/60Hz.
Input sensor signalSingle electrode input, 3 kinds of input signal: 2 wire digital input (when use REF-888 supported smart electrode). 6 wire analog input (no temperature compensation). 8 wire analog input (include 2 wire temperature compensation).
Measurement range0 ~ 2000 ms/cm, -1999mV~+1999mV,-30°C~130°C.
Display typeLCD.
Display informationConductivity (μs/cm), mV, temperature, proportion of 4~20mA output, alarm number.
Temperature compensationAutomatic.
Transmission signal4 to 20mA isolated output.
Alarm output2 separate relay output: H, L
Conductivity accuracy ±1%F.S.
Temperature accuracy 0.1°C
Dimension 96×96×120mm
HighlightSmart electrode utilize digital communication, distance beyond 1000m. Strong anti interference. Pre-calibration, lifespan auto detect.

Industrial On-Line pH/ORP/EC/Dissolved Oxygen/Turbidity Probes/Electrodes                                                                                                                      

We are Manufacturer of Industrial Online pH/ORP/EC/DO/Turbidity Probes/Electrodes.                                                                                           Which are developed with years of experience in process analysis and environment monitoring instrument which can be widely applied in the in medicine, chlor-alkali chemical, dyes, pulp & paper-making, intermediates, chemical fertilizer, starch,environmental protection and electroplating industries,surface water, industrial process water and municipal wastewater.

Basic Features of pH  Electrode:

  • The polymer filling makes the reference junction potential very stable.
  • The diffusion potential is very stable; large-area diaphragm surrounds the glass diaphragm bubbles, so that
    the distance from the reference diaphragm to the glass diaphragm is near and constant; the ions diffused
    from diaphragm and the glass electrode quickly form a complete measurement circuit to respond quickly,
    so that the diffusion potential is not easy to be affected by the outside flow rate and is thus very stable!
  • As the diaphragm adopts the polymer filling and there is small and stable amount of overflowing electrolyte, it shall not pollute the measured pure water. Therefore, the above-mentioned features of the composite electrode make it ideal for measuring PH value
    of high-purity water!




Ammonical Nitrogen (NH3-N) - Analyzer                                                                                                                       Model: REF-2000A

Online Ammonical Notrogen (NH3-N) aAnalyzer is developed with years of experience in process analysis and environment monitoring instrument which can be widely applied in the ammonia concentration monitoring in environmental pollution resource, surface water, industrial process water and municipal wastewater.

Technical Specification:

Measurement range(0~5) mg/l, (0~50)mg/l, (0~300)mg/l; The
 measurement range can be customized.
Linearity error±10%
Single sample measurement cycle8min
Maintenance cycleReagent is replaced once a month.
Data storage and queryThe data can be stored and queried within a year.
Analog inputTwo-way (4~20) mA input
Analog outputTwo-way (4~20) mA output; The isolated,
 maximum load is 500Ω.
Digital communicationRS232/RS485
Power consumption<100W
Power supplyAC220±10%V, 50±10%Hz, 10A
Operating temperature(15~45)
Weight<30kg (The pretreatment system is not included.)

Dissolved Oxygen Controller (LDO Technology)                                                                        Model: REF-99LDO

Luminescent dissolved oxygen controller is the product which is specially designed for the water environment monitoring and sewage treatment. It adopts the advanced fluorescence principle and accurate phrase detection technology and innovative packaging process, which makes its reliability and service life leading the rival product greatly. Its unique characteristics of long-term low drift and maintenance-free make the product take the place of traditional membrane electrode completely.

Product Characteristics

  • No need to replace solid electrode or film/ electrolyte
  • No flow speed/ agitation requirement
  • More higher resolution and measurement accuracy
  • Stable measurement, no drift
  • It will not be poisoning because of sulfide.
  • The service life of the sensor can be above two years.
  • lt is not affected by the thermal disturbance.
  • With data record function
  • Unaffected by the ion cross interference
  • Install-and-play without calibration.
  • Basic maintenance-free
  • Simple key operation
  • 4~20mA isolation current output, optional field Bus interface
  • Optional 4 alarms, I cleaning relay output

Typical Application
Industrial and municipal sewage treatment plant, adjust pool, aerobic, anaerobic digestion tank and water monitoring, etc. Water environment detection: river, lake ,sea, fishery, etc.

Measurement rangeDO: 0 - 20 mg / 1 or 0 - 20 ppm,0-l800 ug / 1 or 0-l800ppb
Air saturation0 - 120%
Resolution0.01 mg/L
Measurement Accuracy0.2mg / 1 or I% of reading
Response timeLess than 6 0 seconds (T90)


Online TOC Analyzer                                                                                                                                          Model: REF-2010-T

Technical Index

  • Measurement range (It is adjustable according to the order.) 0~50mg.c/L, 0~500mg.c/L, 0~5000mg.c/L
  • Repeatability: + 3%
  • Stability: + 3%
  • Response time: 15 min
  • Water provision: The solid particles are not bigger than 100 mm. The chloride ion content is not more than 1000 ppm. If it is more than l000ppm, the halide trap accessories must be added. It cannot react with the phosphoric acid to produce sediments. If it produces sediment, part of the liquid flow structure should be changed.
  • Ambient temperature: 2~40 oC
  • Relative humidity:RHO~90%
  • Power supply: AC220V/50Hz, 100W
  • Dimension: l380mm (H) x580mm (W) x470(D)mm
  • Weight:40kg
  • Output: When the measurement is constant, the display equipment indicates the instantaneous value, average value/6 min, average value/ hour and average value/day.
    1. Analog voltage
    2. Alarm signal, allows 220V/IA load
    3. Output 0~10mA or 4~20mA electriccurrent RS232 RS485
    4. Microprinter
    5. GPRS wireless communication

Online COD/BOD/TOC Analyzer                                                                                                                                       Model: REF-2008Z

MeasurementBOD: 0~20~4000mg/I
range:COD: 0~50 ~10000mg/I
TOC: 0~20~4000mg/I
Response time:15min
The Water provisionThe solid particles are not bigger than 100 mm. It cannot react with
the phosphoric acid to produce sediments. If it produces sediment,
part of the liquid flow structure should be changed. Please contact
our company in time.
Ambient temperature2~400 C
Relative humidityRHO~90%
Power supplyAC220V/50Hz 1000W
OutputWhen the measurement is constant, the display equipment indicates
TOC, COD, BOD or TOC, TOC total quantity, flow average
value/6 seconds, average value/6 minutes, average value/ hour and
average value/day.
Alarm signal, allows 220V/IA load
Output 0~10mA <optional> or 4~20mA electric current<optional>
RS232<optional> RS485<optional>
Microprinter <Window type is optional.> <16x16 lattice Chinese
character. National standard I .2 character library.> can print
TOC, COD or TOC, BOD or TOC, TOC total quantity average
value/6 minutes, average value/ hour and average value/day.

Online Multi-parameter  Water Quality Analyzer                                                                                  Model: REF-1009

 Dissolved Oxygen(DO), pH,ORP, Conductivity,Turbidity, Temperature                             


REFINEMENT’S REF-1009 is a multi-parameter water quality monitoring system. This is wireless system can monitor dissolved oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, pH, and Temperature simultaneously through wireless networks. The data collected by various sensors can be monitored in-situ remotely. The system can be powered up by either 110/220v AC power or by solar panels.

System Specifications:

Dimensions: 144x144x155 mm                                                                                           Display: 192x64 LCD (viewing area: 104x39 mm)                                                     Weight: 1.5 kg                                                                                                                 Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 55 C (Avoid direct sunlight)                                     Enclosure rating: IP54 (ABS enclosure)                                                                                                                                                        Humidity: <= 95%;                                                                                                                                                                                          Power Supply: 110V ~ 220V AC or 12V DC                                                                                                                                                     Output: One channel 4 ~ 20 mA, one relay output Wireless Transmitter: 433MHz, 1000 meter max distance in open air                Temperature/Barometer pressure compensation: Auto                                                                                                                                        Local data storage: Yes Local clock: Yes                                                                                                                                                                Sensor support: REFINEMENT'S Optical DO, turbidity, pH, and conductivity.

1. Temperature

  • Temperature measurement principle: platinum resistance temperature sensor
  • Measuring temperature range: 0 ~ 55
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.2
  • Analog output: 4-20mA
  • Communication interface: RS232/485
  • Installation method: immersion, with installation bracket

2. pH

  • Test Principle: Glass electrode method
  • Measuring range: -2000 ~ +2000 mv/-2 ~ 14 pH
  • Sensitivity: 0.5mV / 0.01 pH
  • Automatic temperature compensation range: 0 ~ 55
  • Response time: 50 seconds
  • MTBF continuous running time (MTBF): 720h / times
  • Voltage Stability: indicated value changes within 0.1 pH
  • Insulation resistance :> 5MW
  • Analog output: 4-20mA
  • Installation: immersion, with an installation bracket, PTFE material, stainlessliner, 10. strong mechanical strength, impact resistance, unbreakable, resistant toalkali;

3. Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  • Test principle: fluorescence method
  • Measuring range :0-20mg/L or 0-200% air
  • Measurement accuracy: 0.1 mg / L
  • Resolution: 0.01 mg / L
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation: -5~50℃
  • Response time: 10 seconds
  • Repeatability: 0.05mg / L Zero drift: 0.2 mg / L
  • Max Pressure:6bar
  • Protection grade:IP68
  • Installation: immersion, with a mounting bracket;

4. Conductivity Sensors

  • Test principle: electromagnetic induction method (contact electrode method)
  • Measuring range: 1uS/cm~200 mS/cm
  • Temperature range:-5~50℃
  • Repeatability: 1%
  • Accuracy: 0.01% of reading
  • Max Pressure:6bar
  • Calibration modes: auto
  • Automatic temperature compensation: 5~50℃
  • Response time: <2 sec
  • Installation: immersion or pipeline, with an installation bracket;

5. Turbidity Sensor

  • Test principle: near-infrared light 90 o scattered light detection, with color automatic compensation sample
  • Measurement range: 0.1~3000NTU
  • Resolution: 0.01 NTU or 0.INTU, different scale with different value.
  • Accuracy: <5% or 0.3 NTU
  • Response time: <2 sec
  • Protection grade:IP68
  • Max Pressure:6bar

Online Chlorine Controller                                                                                                               Model: REF-1000

Instrument Features:

  • 4 ~ 20mA output, accuracy and stability
  • RS485 communication (optional), reliable performance
  • Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 150mm
  • Hole Size: 136 x 136mm
  • Measurement method: Polarography method
  • Large LCD, intuitive display
  • High-precision, reliable performance
  • Detection of chlorine, fast response
  • Detection, less affected by flow velocity
  • High and low alarm, safe and reliable


Dosing Pump                                                                                                                                                                   Model: REF-1 series

Instrument Features:

  • Easy installation and simple operation
  • Accurate measurement and adjustable flow at will
  • Strong anti-corrosiveness
  • Economical & practical
  • Metal strengthened diaphragm, long-life


  • counter osmosis, electrodialysis
  • Water circulation cooling
  • Purification of water & sewage treatment
  • Laboratory & testing room
  • Other small-size measuring equipments


              Model                            Rated flow                       Max.Pressure
                                                        [LPH]                                [ Bar]
  REF-1.1                                            1.1                                               7.0
                  REF-1.2                                            2.36                                             7.0
                  REF-1.3                                            3.78                                             7.0
                  REF-1.5                                            5.00                                             7.0
                  REF-1.10                                         10.72                                            4.2
                  REF-1.15                                         15.77                                            4.2






   Selonoid Dosing Pumps                                                                                                                              Model: REF-2 Series

Instrument Features:

  • Stroke frequency adjustment from 0 SPH (strokes per hour) to 100 SPM(strokes per Minute)
  • Internal (manual) or external mode select
  • Flexible slope adjustable response to mA input signals
  • Divide or multiply (batch) incoming pulses (1 to 999)
  • Batch accumulate option
  • Integral blowdown controller feature
  • Keypad locking
  • Low-level shutoff with alarm output
  • Programmable flow monitoring with alarm output
  • 6-level pressure control
  • Continuous non-volatile memory (EEPROM)--no battery required
  • Remote ON/OFF control
  • Pulse (pacing) output
  • Automatic line voltage compensation and over voltage Protection
Connection zise
REF-2.11.0020.71/4" O.D,PE tubing
REF-2.21.9017.21/4" O.D,PE tubing
REF-" O.D,PE tubing
REF-2.55.0053/8" O.D,PE tubing
REF-2.77.603.43/8" O.D,PE tubing
REF-2.1212.001.5 3/8" O.D,PE tubing
REF-2.15                                   15.00                                 1.00                                             
1/2" O.D,PE tubing                                                                                    



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