Medical Equipments and Other Lab Instruments

Microwave Digestion System

This microwave digestion system can fully satisfy needs for digestion, extraction and synthesis, offer users more convenient and alternative solution in sample preparation area.


  • Intelligent Microwave Digestion System: Using top reflection design to increase the microwave energy around sample area.
  • Unique design of industrial-level microwave resonant cavity: internal volume is 56L, internal cavity is coated with five-layer PFA (Poly tetrafluoroethylene), resistant to strong acid, strong base and long-term solvent penetration.
  • High efficiency of microwave source design: using original technology of dual magnetron staggered arrangement design and microwave waveguide design to ensure the uniformity and high efficiency of microwave in the cavity, especially around the sample area.
  • One-touch operation technology: using one-touch operation to open or close the cavity door. It is also in locking status when microwave is working and temperature is over 80℃; Its structure offers great ability to withstand powerful impact and floating design of door can release the excessive pressure in the cavity and seal the cavity again automatically.
  • Inner vessel is made by TFM which has better anti-penetration performance compared with traditional PTFE. It provides better safety protection including safety diaphragm releasing pressure and sealing cover breaking, provides better safety protection.
  • Temperature & pressure dual-measured and dual-controlled system: Standard equipped with PT resistance temperature sensor. High precision high temperature melt pressure sensor measures the pressure in real time and cooperates with temperature sensor to control the pressure and temperature not over limit.
  • Real-time graph and digital display on the HD screen: it is convenient to observe and feedback. Overall help function can teach you all the operations without manual. History data can be saved, reviewed and exported.
  • Integrated monitor system with cavity door: you can track the status of vessels, temperature sensor and pressure sensor in time and handle with abnormal problem immediately.
  • Strong anti-corrosion blower is capable to cool down the vessels quickly after digestion, and exhaust pipe is totally closed and designed in incline type for exhausting the acid gas completely and make sure no residue remains in the cavity.


Microwave Synthsizer

Automated Microwave Synthesizer integrates Microwave Synthesizer with an Auto sampler. It increases efficiency of microwave synthesis remarkably by assuring better reproducibility and accuracy of reactions. Touch-screen LCD interface makes operation simple and easier. Graphic user interface provides you easier operating environment. High precisely automatic samples introducing system aligns accurately.


  • Single-mode microwave technology in real sense: in the synthesizer, microwave emitted by the magnetron will get into the microwave resonant cavity through a single mode to generate a stable microwave field of high density, and extremely even power and frequency in the cavity, and thus ensure heating evenness and experiment repetition.
  • Precise PID control technology: to adjust itself automatically within the range of 0 to 500W to accurately control and adjust the temperature in the reaction process, and enable the chemical reaction to proceed as per the preset program.
  • Precisely temperature and pressure control: to measure temperature with an infrared sensor or insertion fiber optic sensor. Under airtight condition: room temperature to 200°C. Under atmospheric pressure: room temperature to 250°C. Non-touching pressure test and control system: 0 to 2MPa.
  • Quick cooling: specially-designed quick cooling apparatus of compressed air can be switched on or off as per the specific demand of the reaction program, which aims to regulate cooling rate through wind pressure adjustment.
  • Intelligent integrated software on machine, no need of long-distance device, set parameters of temperature, pressure, time and steps according to your need, store 300 kinds of methods, display the real-time graph and data of working.
  • Atmospheric pressure or high pressure airtight reaction system: its modularized design makes it easier for switchover between the airtight system and the opening system. The maximum volume of the airtight reaction vessel as well as the atmospheric pressure reaction vessel is up to 55mL and 100mL respectively. The operator may observe the reaction condition of the vessel via a computer camera interface; in addition, a glass cooler or a liquid replenishment device may be added additionally as per specific demands.
  • Automatic pressure control system: program of software controls the work of pressure sensor and makes sure the pressure sensor keeps touch with reaction vessel and fixes the position of reaction vessel in the process of microwave working, this control mode is just like a "lock", if the inner pressure of vessel reaches a maximum level the program will stop the microwave and control the pressure not increasing any more, when microwave reaction is over the vessel can be removed from the cavity until the pressure is in safe range and pressure sensor is not in the status of "lock".


  • Microwave output: 0-500W
  • Working temperature: 0-200°C
  • Working Pressure: 0-2MPa
  • Volume of reaction vials: 10mL, 30mL
  • Max. reaction vials: 96 vials/10mL, 64 vials/30mL
  • Stored reaction methods: More than 300 methods
  • Stored reaction data: More than 1000 data 

Microwave High Temperature Muffle Furnace

Microwave High Temperature Muffle Furnace has the features of heating fast, low power, clean. Highest working temperature is 1500, which offers an experimental platform for microwave sintering technology, microwave low-temperature sintering technology, microwave ceramic welding technology, microwave heating quartz optical fibre technology.  


  • Adopt high-power magnetron heating by microwave power delivery system and patent shaped heat radiation chamber to achieve rapid heating rate.
  • Industrial grade dual magnetron arrangement of dislocation and resonant design, to ensure furnace cavity with uniform microwave.
  • Heating cavity volume is 4L.
  • Less thermal pollution: radiation cavity with good insulation, heating to 1500 0c and keeping 1 hour, shell surface temperature is only 30 0c
  • Integrated Control System: Touch screen and operating system integration without external control equipment. Function of software and operating system is powerful. Heating rate can be set.
  • Touch LCD screen: real-time display of temperature, time, power and temperature – time.
  • Multi safety protection devices. Microwave will not start until door and heating chamber door is closed. Microwave leakage below the international standards.
  • Being applied to microwave sintering, microwave low temperature sintering, microwave ceramic welding, microwave heating quartz optical fiber, etc. 


  • Measuring Range: 385-1600 0c
  • Temperature measurement precision: ±10c
  • Temperature stability: ±20c
  • Maximum working temperature: 1500 0c
  • Inner chamber size: 150mm(H)x200mm(W)x130mm(D);
  • Microwave output power: 0-3000W
  • Microwave frequency: 2450MHz
  • Rated Voltage: 220V±10% 50Hz
  • The whole machine power input: 6000w
  • Machine weight: 110kg. 

Carbon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen Analyzer (CHN Analyzer)


  • With the 34 place autoloader, this machine delivers high level of automation freeing up the operator for other tasks of importance.
  • No disassemble or cooling required, replace the combustion crucible conveniently. Just click on the software, then the crucible can be replaced automatically.
  • With separate design of combustion furnace and reagent furnace, the reagent can easily and safely be replaced with the minimal amount of effort.
  • Samples are carried into the combustion chamber by oxygen blow, which enables all the released gases to be captured and thus enables a higher level of test accuracy.
  • Oxygen with purity of 99.5% can meet the test requirement.
  • During the test, He consumption is only 0.7L/min
  • With high-performance infrared light supply and superior optical glass as well as a gold infrared path and precise thermostatic control, the drift of the infrared cell and TC cell designed by Sundy has been optimized.
  • Operational temperature is reached within 2.5 hours cutting start up time down to a minimum.
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based software
  • Easy data handling, real time data can be transmitted by internal network.
  • With CAN bus interface, several elemental analyzers can be controlled by a single PC without mutual influence.
  • It can be connected with balance and network by standard interface RS232.


Sulfur Analyzer

  • The whole process in controlled by computer
  • Automatically track electrolysis, effectively prevent over titration
  • With accurate measuring results and good repeatability
  • Over-temperature Protection

The new upgraded coulmetric Sulfur Analyzer is designed based on the principal of dynamic coulmetric analysis. By measuring the charge consumed in the titration process, we can calculate the sulfur content according to Faraday law. The pyrolysis furnace, sample entering system, stirrer and data process can be directly controlled by computer, this makes its very easy to operate and maintain. All sulfur analysis needs are available from superb performance of sulfur analyzer produced by REFINEMENT. 

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